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Polycounts and you.

Before I continue…  Look!  Knitting! Now that that is out of the way… On a previous post, Robert asked: So, I have a question pertaining to 3-D modeling.  For the purposes of my portfolio, I’m wondering how high-res my pieces should be?  I frequently find myself creating models that are shaped very well, but they [...]

How to Get Into The Video Game Industry For Artists

Before I begin the next edition of “Getting into the video game industry,” I would like to point out that my very first Xbox 360 arrived today.  I exercised incredible self control by actually going to work, and then going to yoga class after work, and now that I am home, I am blogging for [...]

How to get into the video game industry in two easy steps!

1.  Be good. 2.  Apply. Oh, wait, that’s advice everyone has probably heard before, and it’s not advice that’s terribly useful, is it?  Well, the actual, useful advice I have takes a lot longer.  It’s not two steps.  It’s not even five steps.  In fact, I’m not even sure how many steps it is.  It’ll [...]