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Three Conversations.

Conversation One, overheard on the bus: Girl One:  So the second step is to pick some heroes for yourself, and they’re not supposed to be realistic heroes.  They can be anyone you choose. Girl Two:  Oh? Girl One:  So I picked Frederick Douglass, because I really admire him, and the Powerpuff Girls, because they’re awesome. [...]

Bioshock: The Aftermath

WARNING:  THIS BLOG POST WILL CONTAIN GIANT GIANT SPOILERS ABOUT PLOT POINTS IN THE FIRST BIOSHOCK GAME.  PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK. I realize that at this point I am probably one of the few people in the world who still cares/cared about avoiding spoilers for Bioshock, but I feel the need to put that [...]

Growing Up Gamer: In The Beginning

It’s Christmas.  I can’t even remember how old I am,* or what I got for Christmas this year, but my brothers have unwrapped something that they’re extremely excited about.  I can’t remember–I didn’t recognize what they’d unwrapped, but they were so excited I knew it had to be something amazing, so I was excited too. [...]

Mac and Cheese Gaming.

Every once in a while, the gaming review community gets the idea that video games need to be innovative.  If they’re not innovative, then they’re bad games that shouldn’t be made.  Only innovative games should be creative!  Games will get praised for their innovation!  Games that are not innovative are horrible wastes of megabytes!  Etc. [...]