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Wow, the Spam. So much Spam.

Seriously, you would not believe how much freaking spam was waiting for me on here.  It was ridiculous. Speaking of other forms of internet communication, let’s talk about email.  Specifically, about emails you send to try and get a job.  There are a few things we’ve seen at the office recently that seem like they [...]

Polycounts and you.

Before I continue…  Look!  Knitting! Now that that is out of the way… On a previous post, Robert asked: So, I have a question pertaining to 3-D modeling.  For the purposes of my portfolio, I’m wondering how high-res my pieces should be?  I frequently find myself creating models that are shaped very well, but they [...]

The Fridge Is Dead. Long Live The Fridge.

Wow, busy weekend!  Our fridge stopped working Friday morning, so by Sunday afternoon the Apartment Repair Guy had provided us with a bright shiny new fridge.  It is bigger and better than the old fridge in every way.  I also bought a drop spindle and some roving and taught myself to spin my own yarn, [...]

Hobbies, Staying Sane, and You.

Sometimes, the video game industry starts to wear on you.  Sometimes, it gets tiresome.  Sometimes, it gets to the point where if you have to do that same task one more goddamn time, you’re going to stab yourself in the face. When this happens, hobbies are what will save your sanity.  I really recommend having [...]