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Growing Up Gamer: In The Beginning

It’s Christmas.  I can’t even remember how old I am,* or what I got for Christmas this year, but my brothers have unwrapped something that they’re extremely excited about.  I can’t remember–I didn’t recognize what they’d unwrapped, but they were so excited I knew it had to be something amazing, so I was excited too. [...]


Ice Plasmid!  Electrobolt!  Machine gun!  Anything!  ANYTHING!  KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT WITH FIRE!!! … Ahem.  I’m playing Bioshock right now.  The first one.  Yes, I know the second one came out already.  Yes, I know I mentioned that I got it for Christmas and now it’s May.  Yes, I know I’m chronically behind [...]

Not every game needs multiplayer.

There is an attitude I encounter occasionally from gamers regarding multiplayer in games.  Specifically, that multiplayer should be standard-issue in every game, and if a game does not have multiplayer, that is a strike against it. I could not disagree more. Multiplayer is a great thing, first of all.  It allows a constantly changing game [...]