Aimee Skeers
Seattle, WA
Further contact information available upon request.

Career Goal:
I want to use my talents for art and interpersonal relationships to help lead art teams to glory and success. I want to work for a company that appreciates diversity in its art styles and always has something new coming down the pipe.

September 2003—April 2006
Henry Cogswell College
BA in Digital Arts.
Graduated Summa Cum Laude.
Courses in digital and traditional arts, modeling and texturing.

September 2002—June 2003
Centralia Community College
Running Start student, no degree.
Traditional arts and general studies.

Employment History:

3-D and 2-D Artist for 343 Industries
August 20, 2012—October 30, 2012
Duties include but are not limited to gathering art assets from the source depot, exporting models to universal file formats, rendering images of art assets for use by external partners, and engaging in planning meetings for future products.

3-D Artist for Zombie Studios
April 2006–April 2012
Duties include but are not limited to modeling and texturing props and environmental setpieces, occasionally creating concept are for new areas, characters and ideas, engaging in constructive criticism with co-workers, and applying design guidelines to the work produced.

Shipped Titles:

 Halo 4, 2012
3-D and 2-D Artist
Gathered source files for 3-D characters, vehicles and weapons, compiled them in universal file formats, rendered reference of in-game art, created color guides for use by external partners.

Master Blasters! 2012
Art Director, Lead Artist, and Lead Level Designer
Provided art direction, concept art, all 3-d assets, level creation, and playtesting. Worked closely with the internal team and the contract artist to ensure all deadlines were met on time and with quality work.

Blackwater, 2011
Environmental Deco Artist
Provided 3-d art assets, in-level environmental deco, lighting work, and playtesting.

Saw II, 2010
3-D Artist
Provided 3-d art assets, a variety of modeled systems used by Level Designers to construct the base levels, environment and character concepts, and playtesting.

Saw, 2009
3-D Artist
Provided 3-d art assets, environment and character concepts, and playtesting.

Proficient With:
3-D Studio Max
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Unreal 3
Unity 3D

Familiar With:
Adobe Flash
Softimage XSI

Please contact me for references. 

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