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My ramblings about the industry and my place in it.

Three Conversations.

Conversation One, overheard on the bus: Girl One:  So the second step is to pick some heroes for yourself, and they’re not supposed to be realistic heroes.  They can be anyone you choose. Girl Two:  Oh? Girl One:  So I picked Frederick Douglass, because I really admire him, and the Powerpuff Girls, because they’re awesome. [...]

Bioshock: The Aftermath

WARNING:  THIS BLOG POST WILL CONTAIN GIANT GIANT SPOILERS ABOUT PLOT POINTS IN THE FIRST BIOSHOCK GAME.  PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK. I realize that at this point I am probably one of the few people in the world who still cares/cared about avoiding spoilers for Bioshock, but I feel the need to put that [...]

Growing Up Gamer: In The Beginning

It’s Christmas.  I can’t even remember how old I am,* or what I got for Christmas this year, but my brothers have unwrapped something that they’re extremely excited about.  I can’t remember–I didn’t recognize what they’d unwrapped, but they were so excited I knew it had to be something amazing, so I was excited too. [...]