Last Friday, May 7th, Chris and I got to participate in the Beta Test of something awesome.

That something was W00tstock.  W00tstock v2.0, if you want to be specific.  As the show opened, Wil Wheaton informed us that the show was still in Beta, and that if we found any bugs we should log them in the Bugzilla.  (This was probably more funny to me than it was to Chris.  Ahhh, developer jokes.)  It was three hours of hilarity.  Pure geeky hilarity.  It’s a bit difficult to describe the show.  It wasn’t a concert, it wasn’t stand-up comedy, and it wasn’t a play.  It was more of a variety show.  An incredibly esoteric variety show.  Trust me, while it was very awesome (and if you are a geek, you should go right now and try to request a show for your area), it is not something to which you should bring a non-geek friend or guest.  They’d certainly find some of it quite entertaining, but most of the humor would be lost on the geek-adjacent.

An example:

If there’s another show where you get to see two women playing Conjunction Junction on one ukulele, backed up by Jason Finn of the Presidents of the United States of America and featuring Wil Wheaton, I’ve certainly never heard of it.  (And if you know of it, please!  Tell me what the show is!  I want to see it!)

In addition to things like the above, we also were treated to a (not entirely SFW) Reading of the Book of Enforcement by Stephen “Stepto” Toulouse.  Septo wields the banhammer over at Microsoft, and we should all take a moment to be thankful that he exists.

I laughed so hard I nearly cried.

In summation:  W00tstock is amazing.  Seriously awesome.  Well worth seeing.  If you live in Chicago or Minneapolis, you still have time to get tickets for those shows!  And you should!

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