The Calm Before The Storm.

Tomorrow, October 6, 2009, the game I’ve been working on for the last two-ish years will be available in stores.

Saw will ship.  People will buy it, and play it, and hopefully like it.

This is my first shipped title.  It’s not the first title I’ve worked on, but the previous title didn’t ship.  (That happens surprisingly often.)  I’ve done everything on this from concept art to 3-d modeling to asset management to organizational duties to playtesting it until I wanted to cry.  This title went from having a new, inexperienced publisher that was viewed as completely incompetent, to having no publisher at all for several months when said incompetent publisher went bankrupt, to being published by Konami.  This title survived layoffs, rehires, and a shortened dev cycle.  We worked on it through the coldest, snowiest winter Seattle has seen in years and the hottest summer Seattle has seen in years.  We worked on it through crunch time and through the goddamn Swine Flu.

Tomorrow, it’s going to be real.  It’s going to be in stores.  I will have shipped a title, a title that has been demonized and ragged on since it was first announced.  People are going to buy it.  Reviewers will review it.  There’s even a strategy guide!  A real, official one!

Me, though?  I’m not going to believe it until I see it for myself.  I keep thinking all the copies are going to spontaneously combust or something, and all my work will be for naught.  Pretty sure that won’t happen, though.

Pretty sure…

That doesn’t really happen, right?


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